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Lesson 1. Introduction

By sitemaster - Posted on 06 December 2012

Click here for NZ Bridge Lesson 1 - Introduction to Contract Bridge which covers:

  • The Auction
  • Bidding
  • Ranking of Suits
  • Who are Declarer, Dummy, Defenders
  • Tricks
  • Trumps
  • Hand Assessment
  • Benchmarks
  • Mini-Bridge

A warm welcome to our intrepid beginners taking up the challenge of learning to play this amazing game in 2014.
Click here for the answers to your homework. As there is limited time in lessons to go through queries on homework please do email Anna ( who is happy to help or phone Anna on 07 8873 686
Practise dealing out some cards at home. Practise sorting all four hands dealt into suits and counting your points. Get the stopwatch out. From picking up the cards dealt to having them sorted with the number of points written down - aim to break 30 seconds!