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2017 Tournaments

By sitemaster - Posted on 11 December 2012

Matamata and Te Aroha Tournaments in 2017:

Waikato Novice (Matamata) Mar 12th

Matamata Junior 6th May

Waikato Area Pairs (Te Aroha) April 30th

Waikato Area Pairs (Matamata) May 28th

Matamata Open July 29th

Te Aroha Spa Teams July 1st

Matamata Intermediate Sept 17th

Upon visiting this page you will see an option to download the 2016 schedule in Exel form. This is really useful as it may be sorted by region after saving. Note - there will be a special region for National events.

OR ... if you're not worried about small changes that may have occurred since these were uploaded, you can simply click on one of the attachments below.

Tournament Secretary (Matamata & Te Aroha): Anna Kalma

contact: 07 8873 686 or

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