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2020 Rank Reports

By Anna Kalma - Posted on 17 January 2021

For the first time in a couple of years - NZBridge have produced the Rank reports that reviews the amount of rating points (A + B points) won in a calendar year and sorted by the different ranks.

We had several members who appeared on the list for 2020 ... a year which will be remembered for less opportunities to earn ranking points at the bridge table than uaual.

Congratulations to:

Joy Williams (6th Club Master with 25.72 A&B pts)
Peter Daffurn (17th Local Master - 34.22 pts)
Hermanna Hemmes (19th National Master - 34 pts)
Anna Kalma (5th Life Master - 109.77 pts)

The full report is on the NZBridge website: